What To Do on Ærø


With its mild climate, gentle hills and softly curved shorelines towards the inner waters South of Funen and the rougher coast lines towards the Baltic, Ærø offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities. The extensive network of designated walking and bicycling routes allow you to explore this unique natural setting and the numerous tourist attractions and sites dotted across the Island. Popular activities include farm visits, the Ærø Golf Club situated at the Northern-most tip of the Island, the Søbygaard Castle and visits to the Rise Brewery or the island’s many art galleries and cottage industry sites. Among other must-do’s are the Voderup Cliffs which stand 33 meter high and offer a panoramic view of step-shaped terraces descending towards the Baltic Sea. Or try the nature walks organized by the Ærø Nature and Energy Association which offer insights into the diverse geography and unique flora and fauna of the island.

Maritime opportunities include sea kayaking, angling, wind and kite surfing and the regular sailing tours on the old packet boat Mjølner departing from Ærøskøbing and Marstal. And for a bird’s eye overview of the Island and the entire South Funen Archipelago, don’t miss the aerial tours departing from the local air strip near Marstal.

Opportunities specially aimed for kids include the Kiss the Frog Nature and Adventure Centre at Søbygaard, horse riding, the candy and lollipop factory, the honey workshop, mini-golf in Søby and Ærøskøbing and the nature play ground at the outskirts of Ærøskøbing – just a few minutes’ walk from Blæsenborg.